Strus whiteboard

The Strus whiteboard is a page for brainstorming. Here we put our ideas and draw the first sketches of the near future of strus. You are welcome to work with us on the whiteboard.
Move to C++11
The restriction to C++98 will be dropped and we will move to C++11.
Implement webservice
Planned articles
The following articles on codeproject are planned:
- Show the expandability of the Strus analyzer with modules written in C++. Do it the same way as for the Strus core. Introduce the interfaces for segmenters, tokenizers, normalizers, aggregators.
- Show how the project strusVector helps you to use vectors generated from word embeddings (word2vec and friends). We use brute force LSH with a two layer preselection with help of 2*64bit samples to reduce the number of cache lines loaded. It works well on about 10 million vectors as we demonstrate in the Wikipedia demo search.
- Show how you can debug retrieval and summarization methods. Similar to Lucene, every method can attach debug information that can be displayed with the result.
XML schema transformations into analyzer configurations
As a starting point for Strus projects, it could be nice to generate analyzer configurations out of XML schemas.
Search as a service (idea)
Think about providing search as a service with Strus.